AIBA President Umar Kremlev, left, met with Palestinian counterpart Mahmoud Abbas ©AIBA

International Boxing Association (AIBA) head Umar Kremlev met with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas to discuss developing the sport in the country.

The AIBA President donated 500 pairs of gloves and head guards to the Palestine Boxing Federation, while Abbas pledged to establish a boxing academy.

Palestine competed at the Men's World Championships in Belgrade, which concluded earlier this month, and the Asian Championships in Dubai which took place in May.

On both occasions, AIBA provided financial help to ensure the Palestinian team could attend.

Boxers competing at an event in Gaza ©Getty Images
Boxers competing at an event in Gaza ©Getty Images

Kremlev said that such support was a long-term development strategy for boxing in Palestine.

"I would like to express my gratitude to the President of AIBA for supporting Palestinian boxing," said Abbas.

"Our country was going through difficult times, the development of sports in general and boxing in particular did not proceed at the highest rates, but now we are paying great attention to this area. 

"We will be happy to assist the creation of a boxing academy in Palestine and the implementation of the programme for introducing the discipline of boxing into the curriculum of schools and higher educational institutions. 

"I hope our cooperation with AIBA will be fruitful and long-term."

Kremlev has met with a number of political leaders since his election as President in December last year.

"AIBA is committed to developing boxing in Palestine," he said. 

"I am delighted to have met with the President to discuss how that can be achieved.

"Boxing is a universal sport and everyone should have equal access to participating in it and honing their skills. 

"Palestinian boxers have shown a lot of talent, and as the international governing body for the sport it is our duty to ensure they have the opportunity to fulfil their potential." 

AIBA remains locked out of the Olympic Movement after being stripped of its status in June 2019.

The International Olympic Committee made the move over issues including finances and judging.