The Maoris’ entertain the world 

In 1990, the Commonwealth Games came to Auckland for the second time and New Zealand for the third time. Auckland, along with Edinburgh, is the only city to have hosted the Games twice.

The fantastic opening ceremony is one of the most memorable the Commonwealth Games has ever seen. It featured many Maori ceremonial stories as the Maoris are New Zealand’s indigenous population.

During the ceremony, the Queen's Representative, Prince Edward arrived to the stadium. When he came, the Maoris in attendance gave Prince Edward a Challenge of a welcome.  This is conducted by a Maori placing a wooden baton on the ground. To see if the visitor comes in peace or not, the visitor must pick it up. Fortunately for everyone involved in the Games, Prince Edward did come in peace!

Thankfully, the threatened boycotts that were seen in Edinburgh four years earlier did not take place in Auckland.  There was instead, a new positive spirit of co-operation that was far more in keeping with the image of "The Friendly Games" and a new record of 54 nations participated in the Auckland 1990

The hosts New Zealand finished the Games in a respectable fourth place behind
the traditional Commonwealth powers Australia, England and Canada.

Date Games held: January 24-February 3

Number of nations represented: 55

Number of competitors: 2,073

Number of medals awarded: 646