Sports Tennis
Capacity 1,000 - 15,000 (Centre Court)
SW19 will host Olympic tennis just weeks after the annual Wimbledon tournament is held.

The only major tennis venue with a grass court in the world, it is one of four venues to host a grand slam tennis tournament.

A retractable roof was built on Centre Court in 200X to prevent key games being rained off.

The Wimbledon Tennis Championships is also the oldest tennis tournament in the world.

It has been witness to some of the greatest tennis games ever seen, including the 2008 final which saw Rafa Nadal fight back to beat Roger Federer in a final dubbed as one of the greatest in history.

The main challenge for the All England Tennis Club will be getting the venue ready for Olympic action just weeks after the grand slam tournament, which takes place at the end of June and start of July.

Contrary to Wimbledon traditions, the 172 athletes taking part in the Olympic tournament will be able to wear non-white clothing.

Fewer courts will be in use than at the main tennis tournament, and as a result 26,000 spectators a day will be able to watch Olympic action in south west London.

Wimbledon has hosted Olympic tennis before, at the London Olympics in 1908, but it missed out in 1948 as the sport didn't feature at the Games after Paris 1924.