Ukraine's team at the FISU World Cup Combat Sports have come from all over the world ©FISU

Ukraine has sent a team of 110 athletes to the International University Sports Federation (FISU) World Cup Combat Sports, with their team leader saying he was "very proud" to have a large delegation while the Russian invasion continues.

Speaking to insidethegames, Head of the Committee of Physical Education and Sports of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine Vadym Stetsenko outlined the path his athletes had to take to get here in Samsun.

"It has been a big problem because different regions, we couldn't have training so our student athletes moved to other cities, other regions and some students moved to another country," said Stetsenko.

"They have time and security to train in their sports.

"Most have went to European countries like Poland, as well as some in the United States and Canada because our sportspeople are very famous and have friends in other countries and they have been invited by them.

Ukraine has been invaded by Russia since February ©Getty Images
Ukraine has been invaded by Russia since February ©Getty Images

"They can be there before the war is finished.

"I'm very proud that we could bring this whole team to Turkey."

Athletes are competing in all six disciplines, with the nation already off to a great start at the World Cup with six gold medals in sambo, as well as making the podium multiple times in wushu.

Ukraine has the biggest delegation with the exception of the hosts Turkey.