Team GB has unveiled a new brand identity prior to Paris 2024 ©Thisaway

A new identity for Team GB centred around a brand idea that "goes beyond sport" has been unveiled for use at the Paris 2024 Olympic Games.

The strategy has been devised by British company Thisaway which has also worked with the United Rugby Championship, Brentford Football Club, and England Rugby.

The studio won the project via a tender at the end of 2021 and has designed an extensive suite of graphic illustrations in the hope of keeping the Team GB brand relevant when the Games are not being held.

Thisaway founder and creative director Graeme Cook says Team GB's previous strategy focused mainly on "the use of the logo and how to lock it up with commercial partners", with few other visual assets in use.

He believed that while there was a lot of interest in the team, "people only switch onto them as a brand every few years for the Summer and Winter Games."

The old slogan, "Believe in Extraordinary" has also now been changed to "Everyday Extraordinary" which emphasises the focus on the years outside of the Games.

"With a simple evolution of the brand's existing slogan 'Believe in Extraordinary', we've moved it away from an athlete-focussed rallying call and into an inclusive and inspirational articulation of the new purpose: to bring people together through the power of stories steeped in authenticity and emotion," read a Thisaway statement.

"To celebrate superhuman endeavours and the humanity that lies behind them.

"To champion what makes our athletes so special, as well as what grounds them.

"To show their rich diversity and unbreakable unity.

"And above all else, to unite and inspire our nation to find their own extraordinary."

A new typeface has also been developed, called Team GB Sans.

It was designed by typographer Lewis McGuffie and is made to reflect movement, energy and diversity.

Thisaway states it is a flexible, approachable and modern typeface with a classically British influence.