Twenty thousand security guards are needed for Paris 2024 ©Getty Images

France is hoping to recruit 20,000 security guards in time for the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Pôle emploi, the country's Government agency which helps unemployed people, said job seekers and students could be in line for positions.

Nadine Crinier, a regional director of Pôle emploi in Île-de-France where Paris is located, also said that 10,000 people are needed in classic catering and fast food.

Another 2,000 people are needed in cleaning as well as 1,000 additional bus drivers, according to France Info.

However, security guards are being treated as the most important position to fill.

"You can wait for your dish at the restaurant," said Crinier. 

"If there is a risk of attack or malice, it is more serious.

"Between January 2023 and April 2024, we have planned 20,000 security training courses to recruit 15,000 people."

Tens of thousands of job seekers have already been contacted about private security positions.

Those interested need to have lived in France for five years, have a clean criminal record and be fluent in French.

To receive a professional card in the profession which is valid for five years, 175 hours of training is usually required.

But for Paris 2024, the Government has created a shorter training period of 106 hours which will result in a "major event card" - valid only until September 2025.

The decision to host the Olympic Opening Ceremony on the River Seine creates a security challenge ©Getty Images
The decision to host the Olympic Opening Ceremony on the River Seine creates a security challenge ©Getty Images

This could be completed in three weeks, it is claimed.

"They sometimes need additional training, a refresher of skills," Crinier added. 

"But the challenge is to find people who have never imagined working in this sector. 

"We contact long-term, low-skilled job seekers. 

"For them, we have set up departmental platforms to detect the potential of as many people as possible."

Candidates will be tested on their observation skills and quality of "reporting" - as incidents may need to be passed on to team leaders or the police.

An "appropriate attitude" for tasks such as checking people's bags is also considered important.

"We also contact job seekers who are in trades with transferable skills - hosts and hostesses, guards, people working in the cleaning of premises - because they are people who know how to observe and respect safety instructions," Crinier said.

Security is a big issue for any Olympic and Paralympic Games, but particularly Paris 2024 which has planned an Opening Ceremony involving boats of athletes on the River Seine.

There was also security chaos at the 2022 UEFA Champions League final between Real Madrid and Liverpool, which saw fans trapped outside the Stade de France.

Officials said there is a reported shortage of 10,000 security jobs in "normal time", meaning people in roles may be able to stay on after the Games.

Staff will also be needed to work at this year's Rugby World Cup in France in September and October.