The Birmingham City Council approved of the Perry Barr plans in April ©Birmingham City Council

The Birmingham City Council has revealed that a plan to use shipping containers to show sports and films in Perry Barr will not be ready for the Commonwealth Games.

It was suggested that 14 containers with large screens and other facilities would be introduced to "maximise opportunities" for Birmingham 2022.

Another 72 containers were set to be added in the future for leisure and business purposes.

Nevertheless, the temporary scheme, which was approved three months ago, has been pushed back to later this year.

The council has claimed that the Perry Barr revamp was never solely about the Commonwealth Games.

Perry Barr is located close to the Alexander Stadium - the main venue for the prestigious event.

An additional 72 containers were set to expand the original site ©Birmingham City Council
An additional 72 containers were set to expand the original site ©Birmingham City Council

"This project is about delivering a medium-term temporary use for the site in Perry Barr, providing activity and business opportunities ahead of its eventual redevelopment as much-needed housing for the people of Birmingham," a spokesperson for the council said.

"To maximise the positive impact for tenants and visitors a decision has been taken to defer the opening of the site until later in the year.

"The temporary use will offer a range of attractions that will enhance the quality of life for existing and new residents of the area - and the later opening will more closely align with the start of the occupation of the new housing.

"This was never simply about use during the summer of 2022, and there are plenty of other great attractions in Perry Barr and the wider city for people to enjoy until the site opens."

Birmingham is due to host the Commonwealth Games between July 28 and August 8.