Glasgow 2014 mascot Clyde carried the Baton across Loch Ness ©Team Scotland

Clyde, Glasgow’s much-loved mascot from the 2014 Commonwealth Games, has made a comeback to carry the Birmingham 2022 Baton across Loch Ness, though there was no sign of Nessie herself as it began a five day journey across Scotland.

Traditional Scottish pipers had welcomed it to the Inverness Tennis and Squash Club where locally born Greg Lobban was greeted by club members and other well wishers.

Lobban was world doubles champion in 2016 and is set to compete in his third Commonwealth Games after his selection was confirmed last month.

"It’s a proud moment carrying the Baton and just knowing that I am going to be a part of Team Scotland it is a huge privilege for me," Lobban said.

Club manager Ailsa Polworth was among others to carry the Baton. 

"We got the call a few weeks back to say we’d be chosen, it’s a great honour and there’s been a really positive atmosphere," Polworth said.

Scotland is first of the home nations on the British mainland to greet the Relay.

"It is fantastic to have the Baton arrive in Scotland today," Commonwealth Games Scotland chairman Paul Bush said.

"Its arrival signifies an exciting moment in the lead up to the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham, and I’m really looking forward to the various visits and activities during its time here."

Over the weekend, it also made a trip to the Isle of Arran, where badminton player Eleanor O’Donnell was waiting to greet it.

O'Donnell, who played in women's and mixed doubles at Gold Coast 2018, has also been chosen for the squad in Birmingham.

The Baton first passed through Scotland when Edinburgh staged the 1970 Games and returned when the city hosted the Games a second time in 1986.

The Baton has since paid a short visit to Scotland en route to every Games since 2002 including an extended stay in 2014 when Glasgow became the second Scottish city to act as hosts.

The route takes it to both Scottish Games cities later in the week, before it is scheduled to reach Northern Ireland on Friday.