FITEQ has formed 15 Committees in accordance with its statutes©FITEQ

The International Federation of Teqball (FITEQ) has formed 15 standing Committees in accordance with its statutes, as it looks to improve its governance.

Its Executive Board is to appoint members to groups including the Athletes' Committee, Legal Affairs Committee, Finance Committee and Sport Development Committee.

Prior to the appointments being made, the National Federations are invited to make suggestions and proposals on the structure of these bodies.

FITEQ says Committees are to have a balance of male and female members, representation globally where possible.

Other Committees will cover the areas of Medical and Anti-Doping, Technical and Coaching, Scientific and Research, Corporate Social Responsibility, Ethics and Disciplinary and Governance.

Inclusive bodies are also to be formed with Women's and Para Sport Committees, as well as the Athlete’s Status and Transfer Committee, Athlete Entourage Committee and Sustainability Committee.

Among the 15 Committees formed, there will be a Women's Committee ©FITEQ
Among the 15 Committees formed, there will be a Women's Committee ©FITEQ

To be eligible to join one of the groups, potential candidates must not be under any sanctions relating to sport, have not been prosecuted "by any Governmental authority for infractions relating to sports, including violations of integrity and anti-doping" and have not been sanctioned for the last 25 years.

Anyone under breach or a potential breach of the FITEQ statutes is also ineligible.

The candidates shall have professional experience and qualifications relevant to the tasks and duties of the relevant Committees.

Decisions on who comprises the Committees is expected in the first quarter of 2022 and each one is to be made up of a minimum of three people - one chair and two members.