FIG President Morinari Watanabe has unveiled a new slogan for 2022 ©FIG

International Gymnastics Federation (FIG) President Morinari Watanabe has proposed "mutual prosperity" as the organisation's slogan for 2022 after conceding the inequality in the global recovery from COVID-19 could be more significant within the sport.

Writing in a New Year's message, Watanabe said the FIG and its members have to "overcome this difficult situation by sharing the pain and supporting each other".

The Japanese official, re-elected FIG President in November, said wealthier National Federations should help those in less-developed countries to offset the challenges caused by the pandemic.

COVID-19 forced the postponement of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games to 2021, as well as several major events on the FIG calendar.

"I sincerely wish that our daily life will return as soon as possible to what we were once used to," Watanabe, re-elected FIG President in November, said.

"However, even if we are able to bring the pandemic under control, its effects will undoubtedly last for a while yet. 

"In particular, disparities in the global economic recovery will create a widening gap between developed countries and the numerous emerging markets. 

"This disparity could be even more significant within the gymnastics family.

"That is why we have to overcome this difficult situation by sharing the pain and supporting each other. 

"We must do so while valuing mutual trust. 

"In this sense, I would like to propose 'mutual prosperity' as the FIG slogan for 2022.

"Mutual prosperity means that if we trust and help each other, we and other people in the world can prosper together.

"Let's cultivate this spirit in our sport and create a world where we and others can thrive despite disparities."

Watanabe, a member of the International Olympic Committee, outlined ways the sport can achieve his mutual prosperity target, including wealthier National Federations supporting those with fewer economic resources and gymnastics promoting the United Nations sustainable development goals.