Northern Marianas Islands is set to host the Mini Pacific Games next summer ©Getty Images

The resurfacing of the track at the Oleai Sports Complex is due to be completed by April, in time for the 2022 Pacific Mini Games, the Northern Marianas 2022 Organising Committee chief executive Vicente Babauta has claimed.

The track and field surface is to be rebuilt at the Oleai Sports Complex, which is due to host the Pacific Mini Games in June this year. 

Babauta previously admitted grants from the Federal Emergency Management Agency needed to go through for work to begin on the complex.

The chief executive now says track and field resurfacing will be completed by April, with a construction contract handed out.

"The contract for the Oleai Sports Complex track and field has already been awarded to a contractor so they will start work as soon as possible," said Babauta, as reported by Marianas Variety.

"We should be able to complete the improvement of the track in April."

Babauta also said the baseball field, which he previously expressed concerns about, will be ready in 60 days.

The repair work at the Ada Gym has been given a May 1 deadline.

Babauta previously said construction work was the Organising Committee's primary worry regarding the preparation for the Games.

"The challenge now is obviously the Oleai Sports Complex and ensuring the grants from the [Federal Emergency Management Agency] goes through and actually deliver what needs to be repaired such as resurfacing of the track and field and most importantly the baseball [field]," he said, as reported by the Saipan Tribune.

Babauta said around 17,000 individuals are due to attend the Games, 13,000 of which are athletes. 

He concluded: "This is a historical event.

"It is an opportunity for an economic rebound for hotels, restaurants, transportation companies, gift shops, stores, and even laundromats, among other local businesses."

The 2022 Mini Pacific Games are due to take place from June 17 to 25 next summer.