The first National Beach Sambo Championships have been held in Israel ©European Sambo

More than 80 athletes have taken part in Israel's first National Beach Sambo Championships.

The competition was held in the city of Bat Yam to coincide with an event celebrating Israel's participation at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

A total of 84 competitors representing the nine major sambo societies in Israel competed at the Championships.

Israel Sambo Federation (ISF) general secretary Shai Geisinger said the level of interest had been unexpected and expressed his hope that the next edition of the event would attract even more athletes.

A total of 84 athletes competed at the event in Bat Yam ©European Sambo
A total of 84 athletes competed at the event in Bat Yam ©European Sambo

"We did not expect such an interest from athletes and clubs and the number of participants in the first-ever National Championship in this sport," said Geisinger.

"Sambo greatly impressed the organisers. 

"Athletes really enjoyed the dynamic and interesting course of the bouts. 

"We are confident that the next Championships will bring twice as many participants."

ISF head referee Anatoly Gerstman also praised the event.

"It was a fantastic show, interesting battles, great technique of the players, it was very interesting to judge, and the whole championship passed in the same breath," he said.