Goalball is among three Paralympic sports which is governed by the IBSA ©Getty Images

Members of the International Blind Sports Federation (IBSA) are being invited to nominate who they want to lead the Paralympic sports of goalball, judo and blind football for next four years.

The IBSA, which governs and promotes sport for people with visual impairments, has called on countries to nominate chairs for nine of its sports committees.

The others are chess, ninepin bowling, partially sighted football, powerlifting, showdown, tenpin bowling and torball.

One committee oversees both blind football and partially sighted football.

Each committee is formed of experts from the fields of refereeing, coaching and sports management as well as athletes.

They are responsible for many of the aspects of managing the sports.

IBSA members are being asked to nominate people who they think have the right experience and leadership qualities to lead the nine sports between 2021 and 2025.

IBSA members have until November 5 to nominate who they want to be a sports committee chair ©Getty Images
IBSA members have until November 5 to nominate who they want to be a sports committee chair ©Getty Images

"These are important and interesting positions which present a great opportunity for the right people," said IBSA President Sandro Di Girolamo.

"The successful nominees will work closely with other organisations, officials, volunteers, athletes, coaches and the IBSA Executive Board to look after and grow the sports.

"The committees for goalball, judo, blind and partially sighted football, chess, ninepin bowling, powerlifting, showdown, tenpin bowling and torball are in charge of development, rules and the competition calendar so this is a chance to make a real difference.

"I would like to thank the current chairs for their excellent work and hope we can continue with the same quality of volunteers."

The deadline for submissions has been set at November 5, with IBSA members asked to fill out a nomination form, which includes an endorsement from the relevant National Federation.

The nominee’s CV must also be included, along with a letter outlining their motivation for becoming a committee chair.

The IBSA Executive Board is due to meet on November 11 to consider all the applications and appoint the successful nominees.