NOlympicsLA hopes its syllabus will be used by professors and students to educate about the history of the Olympic Games ©NOlympicsLA

NOlympicsLA has unveiled an extensive list of evidence which it claims demonstrates why the Olympics should be abolished as it continues its quest to stop the Los Angeles 2028 Games.

The campaign group hopes the "NOlympics Syllabus" will be used by professors, students who "want to teach their own class" and people who "wish to have a toolkit in their back-pocket" when discussing the Olympics.

The syllabus attempts to provide links to articles, books, blog posts and other materials, including films and television episodes.

"We created this syllabus as an overview of the extensive [and still-growing] range of evidence that informs our analysis of the problem and our organizing strategies to fight for a better city," a statement from NOlympics LA read.

"It is not a deep dive into the specific conditions in Los Angeles or any other host city, but rather a combination of locally grounded and historical analyses that together trace the structural mechanisms at work wherever the Olympics go."

The syllabus is split into three parts under the headings "Olympic Roots", "The Capitalist Games" and "The Movement to Abolish the Olympics".

NOlympicsLA said its opposition to the Games "is informed by the history of the Olympics", which is claims has "roots in white supremacist imperialism" and an "ongoing track record of destroying host cities".

"Our opposition is also informed by our analysis of the current conditions of capitalism, in which powerful corporate and political actors have designed the Olympics as a tool to exploit and remake cities in the interest of global capital," the statement added.

"The Olympics are fundamentally incompatible with the city and working class power that we’re fighting for."

NOlympicsLA was set up in May 2017 to oppose Los Angeles' bid for the 2024 Summer Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Its emerged out of the Housing and Homelessness Committee of the Los Angeles arm of the Democratic Socialists of America and had aimed to emulate the success of "No Boston Olympics", which led to the initial American 2024 bid being scrapped.

The campaign failed to achieve its objective, however, when Los Angeles was awarded the 2028 Games in September 2017.

Earlier this year, NOlympicsLA was behind a protest at a virtual International Olympic Committee press conference prior to the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

A protester posing as a journalist raised a banner to the camera, which read "No Olympics in Tokyo", and repeated the messages "no Olympics anywhere" and "fuck the Olympics".